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  1. Starting of Grails Failed in Fedora 20

    Greetings Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear All,
    I successfully installed the JDK and Net Beans 7.4 in Fedora 20 OS.
    While creating new Grails App or importing existing Grails App...
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    Forked Grails VM Existed Error

    Greetings Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I install GGTS 3.4 in Ubuntu 12.10 version.
    I configure Groovy Compiler (1.8..),(2.1..),(2.1..) version and Grails with 2.2.4 and 2.3.3 versions.
    While I run...
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    Poll: Issues in Nimble Plugin

    Greetings Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have created the New Grails Application and tried to install the Nimble plugin using BuiltConfig.groovy file.But I having an run-time issue like as following:
  4. Hosting Grails application in free web hosting server

    Greetings Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have created the one sample web application,I need to hosted it in web server and have have to run from that mydomain name.How to host our grails application. I...
  5. Uses of static mapping = { className cascade: 'delete' }

    Greetings Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    class Album
    String title

    static hasMany = [songs:Song]
    static belongsTo = [artist:Artist]...
  6. How to use IText Pluging with Grails application

    Greetings Today's

    In my Grails Application I need to generate my gsp into PDF with Dynamic values.Now I have worked out this plugin with HARD CODE Values.
    But I need to use this plugin for...
  7. How to use

    HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In ApplicationResource.groovy file I call main.css file

    modules = {
    application {
    resource url:'js/application.js'
  8. Application Resource Groovy file usages

    In ApplicationResource.groovy file
    I code the following stuffs

    modules = {
    application {
    resource url:'js/application.js'
    dependsOn 'jquery'
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