I have a very basic domain class an integration test and a postgresql database. When I run the integration test the test passes but no data is put on the table. If I delete the table GORM recreates it within the right schema so I know that my application can see the database server. There are no validation errors at all and when debugging in Eclipse the Id of the table is being generated. I am new to grails so please consider that I have done something incredibly stupid.

Domain Class -- below

class Rate {
BigDecimal charge_out
BigDecimal fixed_rate
Integer schedule_id

static constraints = {

static mapping = {
table name:'Rates',schema:'vat'

Integration Test Below

void testSomething() {
def rate = new Rate(charge_out:0.20,fixed_rate:0.145,schedule_id: 1)

println it

println it

assertNotNull rate.save(flush:true, failOnError:true);
assertNotNull rate.id