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Thread: Grails in Action, 1 edition is obsolete?

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    Question Grails in Action, 1 edition is obsolete?

    Hi guys,
    I need your advice.
    Few days ago I bought "Grails in Action, 1 edition" ( actually it has a very good discount ), but right know I have a question:
    Is info in this book obsolete for current Grails versions and the best option is to trash this book or the book is still actual?

    PS: unfortunately English is not my native and initially I decide to buy translated book, but right now I'm not really sure.

    Thank in advance for your answers!

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    There is no published book that covers Grails 2.0 (this version of the framework is less than a month old).

    Luckily, the official Grails reference is excellent. I wouldn't waste your money on a book, when the reference is of such a high quality and is updated with every release.

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