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Thread: Output of hasmany-Relation

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    Output of hasmany-Relation

    Hi there,
    I'm working on a view, that shows a hasmany-relationship (it's just an example):

    domain Books.groovy
    package meinprojekt
    class Books {
    	String title
    	static hasMany = [readers : Person]
    	static belongsTo = [author : Person]
        static constraints = {
    and some part of my view:
    the output works, it looks like:
    [Peter, Thomas, Susan, Jenny]

    My question: is there any way just to show the names without the brackets?

    Thank you in advance!

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    You're seeing the brackets because you're seeing a toString() representation of a Collection.

    If you still wanted comma seperation then I would use the java method join() to return a single String representation of the individual collection elements joined by a command and space.

    So your output would be...

    <td>${booksInstance.readers?.join(', ')}</td>
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