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Thread: Add constraints to the elemets of List

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    Add constraints to the elemets of List

    Is there are any possible way to add constraints to the elements of List? For example I have a command which accept List and I want add constraints on this elements, for example on size.

    class SongCommand {
        String title
        List<String> couplet
        List<String> chorus
        Boolean isChorus
        Boolean isChorusRepeat
        static constraints = {
            title(blank: false, maxSize: 6)
            isChorus(blank: true)
    How to do that?

    Thank you.

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    I have the solution
    static constraints = {
      couplet(validator: { val ->
        boolean isValid = true 
        val.each {
          if (it.size() < 3) isValid = false
        return isValid
    It's not final, but as example. Better return error code message, not true/false.

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    Thanks for posting your solution.
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